Energy Saving

Our energy-saving services are designed to help companies reduce their energy consumption and lower costs. We offer comprehensive energy audits, efficient lighting solutions, and advanced energy management systems. CAAB’s leading photovoltaic rooftop, producing 11 MW/year with plans to increase to 20 MW/year, showcases our commitment to renewable energy.

By implementing our energy-saving strategies, companies can achieve significant reductions in their energy bills while contributing to environmental sustainability. Our solutions are tailored to meet the specific needs of each client, ensuring maximum efficiency and cost savings.



In the preliminary stages of a project, CAAB Advisory provides support to carry out systematic analyses and assessments of opportunities, costs and possible outcomes, regarding the feasibility and economic-financial sustainability of the project.


Thanks to CAAB Advisory’s longstanding partnership with the University of Bologna, it has guaranteed access to continually developing technologies that are required to monitor and improve its activities and promote energy saving activities, such as the implementation of smart meters.


With the vast networks of CAAB in their pocket, CAAB Advisory is able to carry out investment decisions and provide strategic advice related to tax savings.


CAAB’s experience in implementing advanced quality and control systems has earned itself three ISO certifications. CAAB Advisory utilizes this experience to determine best practices for the recognition of certifications with its collaborators.  

Sustainable Agricultural Center

With a rich history that spans back to 1990, CAAB Advisory boasts extensive expertise in the management of wholesale markets, with a specific focus on their seamless integration into production and distribution systems. Leveraging cutting-edge technologies such as blockchain and big data, CAAB’s market system enhances the selection, transportation, and distribution of fresh produce. CAAB Advisory will provide strategic guidance on wholesale market operations, encompassing the development of protocols for vehicle management, quality control, safety measures, logistics, and information systems.


CAAB Advisory brings hands-on experience in quality systems and meticulous auditing processes to the table. The products supplied by CAAB undergo rigorous scrutiny within an exceptionally sophisticated hygiene and health monitoring framework, which conducts over 100,000 analyses annually.


Our adept Project Managers possess diverse experience in areas like equipment installation, information systems, marketing, and research and development. Their primary objective is to drive the realization of increasingly sustainable agri-food centers.


CAAB has meticulously designed its vehicle system, one of the most comprehensive and automated solutions available. This expertise has allowed CAAB Advisory to share their learnings and innovations relating to ticketless entry/exit using license plates, seamless free-flow access, QR codes, UHF-Tags, RFID, and various payment card options.


Encompassing more than 10 computerized systems and providing 80,000 square meters of Wi-Fi coverage, CAAB Advisory has honed its proficiency in security systems and comprehends the unique requirements of a wholesale market environment.


At the heart of CAAB Advisory’s extensive expertise lies a deep knowledge of monitoring systems, their implementation, and the research studies that accompany them.

Circular Economy

We believe in the principles of a circular economy, where resources are reused and recycled to minimize waste. Our services include waste management solutions, resource recovery, and sustainable packaging options. CAAB’s advanced food waste management system exemplifies our leadership in creating sustainable value from waste.

By adopting circular economy practices, companies can enhance their sustainability and reduce environmental impact. We provide innovative solutions that help businesses turn waste into valuable resources, creating a more sustainable and efficient operational model.


CAAB Advisory adopts practices to utilize LCA in its approach for assessing the environmental impact of a product, process, or service during all the stages of its life-cycle. This involves a full assessment of current activities and recommendations to reduce environmental impact throughout the various life-cycle stages.


A comprehensive SWOT analysis will be formed, as CAAB Advisory aims to assess weaknesses and risks, while identifying strengths and new opportunities, especially as they relate to growth and development of sustainability and circular economy practices.


With many years of vast experience, CAAB Advisory provides consultancy services in the form of a market and competition analysis, identifying the best solutions in terms of economic efficiency and financial investment.


To ensure a project is viable and operational, a strategy will be developed, and its implementation rests on putting these strategies into operation. CAAB Advisory will provide support during the facilitation to market entry and best practices that need to be observed and achieved.

Agriculture 4.0

Welcome to the future of farming with Agriculture 4.0. We leverage the latest technologies such as IoT, AI, and data analytics to optimize agricultural practices. Our services include precision farming, automated irrigation systems, and crop monitoring solutions. With Agriculture 4.0, we help farmers increase productivity and make data-driven decisions.

Our advanced technological solutions enable farmers to monitor crop health, optimize resource use, and improve overall farm management. By integrating digital tools into traditional farming practices, we help create a more efficient and sustainable agricultural sector.



Before a project can be carried out, CAAB Advisory helps to determine the feasibility of the specific approach to smart farming, precision agriculture or related Agriculture 4.0 technologies through an analysis of costs, potential outcomes and marketplace competition.


The market and competitor analysis is completed in more depth during this phase, as well as the identification of the target market and market entry process. CAAB Advisory evaluates all available resources, analyzes current economic situation and possible alternative scenarios to assess long-term development and outcomes.


Thanks to many years of experience and extensive partnerships at a local, national and international level within the agricultural-industrial sector, CAAB Advisory’s consultancy spans to include a number of best-in-class business partners and a vast network of contacts, with ranging abilities and experience