About Us

Who we are

CAAB Advisory was born through this longstanding history of being best-in-class for agrifoods, through both its management of the Agri-Food Center of Bologna (boasting one of the largest fruits and vegetable markets in Italy and Europe), as well as its self-sustaining, renewable energy production. Now its team of diverse professionals, with combined experience in agri-business, operations management and management of wholesale markets, green energy production and sustainability, and strategic business consultancy, is able to provide a pragmatic and multi-disciplinary approach to start-ups, SMEs and international and multinational entities looking to develop their innovations and projects in the agri-food sector. These collaborations span internationally in Africa, Asia, Middle East and Europe and relate to Agriculture 4.0, Energy Efficiency and Energy Savings, internal logistics and logistical plans for Sustainable Agri-Food Centers and Circular Economy practices in agriculture.

Our vision

Innovation is the engine of our actions. We believe in a sustainable future that will safeguard the environment and social ecosystem in which we live.

Our mission

With CAAB’s years of experience with a multidisciplinary, innovative and best-in-class approach, together with clients, we make their businesses stronger. Our team of professionals with consolidated experience supports all phases of development, design and support to the market.

About CAAB

The CAAB (Centro Agroalimentare di Bologna) is a modern facility designed to promote the wholesale trade of agri-food products and related logistics services. Due to its strategic location, functional infrastructure, presence of significant entrepreneurial entities, as well as the high-quality level of market services and traded products, the Centro Agroalimentare di Bologna is one of the most significant reference points in the food distribution circuits at both national and European levels.

Within the Centro Agroalimentare, in addition to commercial spaces, there are also logistics platforms for picking and supplying large-scale distribution, a service center, warehouses, and service structures.

The Centro Agroalimentare represents a great potential for the commercial function of Bologna as it is able to:

  • Attract demand and supply, multiplying opportunities for commercial exchanges;
  • Promote Bologna’s international role in this sector, leveraging its strategic position between northern and southern Italy and between Europe and the Mediterranean countries;
  • Organize services by applying advanced know-how, with particular attention to the quality and control of products.
Key statistics include:
  • €400 million in annual revenue
  • 15 wholesale companies
  • 1 consortium of producers grouping 135 companies with approximately 2,750 hectares of land
  • 50 agricultural enterprises that sell directly
  • 2,000 wholesale and retail customers
  • 2 commodity exchanges (fruit, organic horticultural products)
  • 62,000 chemical and microbiological analyses conducted annually as part of the hygiene monitoring plan.