CAAB is oriented towards economic and environmental sustainability through its generation of clean energy by its self-sustaining photovoltaic rooftops, which are the largest in Europe. CAAB’s current production is 11 MW/year, but its future production will reach 20 MW/year. CAAB, in partnership with University of Bologna and AESS, is working to achieve the first energy community in Italy, with its expansion of photovoltaic energy production. Now, CAAB Advisory assists its clients in the use and optimization of energy production and energy savings throughout its operations. 


In the preliminary stages of a project, CAAB Advisory provides support to carry out systematic analyses and assessments of opportunities, costs and possible outcomes, regarding the feasibility and economic-financial sustainability of the project.


Thanks to CAAB Advisory’s longstanding partnership with the University of Bologna, it has guaranteed access to continually developing technologies that are required to monitor and improve its activities and promote energy saving activities, such as the implementation of smart meters.


With the vast networks of CAAB in their pocket, CAAB Advisory is able to carry out investment decisions and provide strategic advice related to tax savings.


CAAB’s experience in implementing advanced quality and control systems has earned itself three ISO certifications. CAAB Advisory utilizes this experience to determine best practices for the recognition of certifications with its collaborators.