Agricoltura 4.0


Operating with a strong vocation for innovation, CAAB Advisory works with its companies and start-ups to develop projects in precision agriculture, smart farming technologies, alternative crops, and other Agriculture 4.0 innovations. These digital tools – Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Big Data and Robotics – are able to provide a vast array of efficiencies (in terms of reducing energy or waste water), utilize renewable energy sources (solar energy and indoor farming techniques), conserve the environment (through less depletion of natural resources), enhancement of circular economy practices (recycling and reusing agricultural waste) and provide accurate data to make informed decisions (predicting harvest, efficient irrigation, etc.) 

Preliminary Project Concept

Before a project can be carried out, CAAB Advisory helps to determine the feasibility of the specific approach to smart farming, precision agriculture or related Agriculture 4.0 technologies through an analysis of costs, potential outcomes and marketplace competition.

Identification of Target Market

The market and competitor analysis is completed in more depth during this phase, as well as the identification of the target market and market entry process. CAAB Advisory evaluates all available resources, analyzes current economic situation and possible alternative scenarios to assess long-term development and outcomes.

Supporting the Search for Possible Industrial Partners

Thanks to many years of experience and extensive partnerships at a local, national and international level within the agricultural-industrial sector, CAAB Advisory’s consultancy spans to include a number of best-in-class business partners and a vast network of contacts, with ranging abilities and experience.