Italmercati is an Italian business network aimed at returning centrality to markets and operators as the main goal. The national network of 20 most important Italian AgriFood Hubs with the goal to increase the impact of individual companies also through a unitary representation of the Markets belonging to the network.

  • 20 main Italian Wholesale Markets
  • 22 billion euros of sales of markets companies
  • 92 M euros of consolidated turnover of managing companies
  • Shareholding Structure of Wholesale markets: mixed public-private
  • 5 million tons of platforms
  • 130 Logistic platform

Working on the following main sectors:

  • Fruit and vegetables
  • Meat products
  • Fresh and saltwater products
  • Dairy and processed products
  • Horticulture and decoration

CAAB, AgriFood Center of Bologna, as one of the main players of ITALMERCATI network cooperate actively with other markets’ network to accomplish the internationalization goal of the ITALMERCATI in other geaographical areas. ITALMERCATI’s internationalization mission aims to bring the best practices of different Italian AgriFood logistic hubs in the international level as a consulting services.

CAAB in close collaboration with the Department of Electrical, Electronic and Information Engineering School of Engineering - University of Bologna, studies the feasiblity of constructing the metropolitan laboratory for the study of Energy Communities in CAAB in order to optimize the management of energy communities, in particular develop the models that allow to enhance the energy flows within the community, acting on the control of storage resources.

FieldRobotics is a science-based technology company established in 2022 in Bologna. The systems have been developed with the automation engineering and control systems research group of the University of Bologna.
FieldRobotics has two main areas of application:

  • SEARCH & RESCUE in the high mountains and open sea


CAAB as a strategical advisor offered to FieldRobotics a consulting service package in order to:

  • Analyse the AgriBusiness potential markets to open the suitable markets for FieldRobotics
  • Establishing an effective Business Plan to be presnted to the potential investors
  • Be involved in different National and International exhibitions participated by CAAB (such as EXPO Dubai 2020, MacFrut, FruitLogistica,…) to give more visibility as well as leveraging the possibility of having more networks.


Through the accomplished activities notable and successful results have been achieved in the recent years.

Bologna Business School (formerly known as Alma Graduate School) is the business school of the University of Bologna. In 2006 Alma Graduate School merged with Profingest Management School and is now one of the largest business schools of a public university in Italy.
CAAB Advisory in close collaboration with Bologna Business School provides its advisory services to the start ups participating at the event "StartUp Ecosystem Day"organized by the Bologna Business School. The event aims to foster interactions between the best national and international start-ups with students and the BBS Community, in order to facilitate the activation of projects in the business.

AESS provides services to businesses, economic and social actors, public and private law entities, and other associations related to:

  • improvement of efficiency in the use of energy resources
  • use of renewable energy sources
  • reduction of climate-changing gas emissions
  • promotion of collective transport
  • public awareness of sustainable development
  • specialized training
  • activities and organization of events related to the culture of sustainability

In particular, AESS carries out energy diagnoses and certifications of buildings as an accredited body at the Emilia-Romagna Region, performs feasibility studies on energy redevelopment and renewable energy development projects through its engineering and design area, and provides consultancy to Local Authorities with regard to energy planning and the instruments that regulate it.

Since 2019, AESS the coordinator of the European Commision funded project (GECO, Green energy Community) together with other partners (ENEA and University of Bologna)started its close collaboration with CAAB for studying a techno-economic study for constructing the first Energy Community in CAAB in order to satisfy the energy consumtion of the settled companies managed by CAAB in more sustainable and green way. Diverse technical and operational activites have been carried out by AESS, CAAB and the Department of Electrical, Electronic and Information Engineering School of Engineering - University of Bologna to come up with a best suited solution to apply in the GECO project framework. CAAB through this study aims to expand its FV system as well as constructing a BioGas plant in order to produce more sustainable energy from organic wastes generated by the F&V producers and sellers in the market a well.