Italmercati – the Italian wholesale markets network – is a business network that offers extensive knowledge in the agrifoods sectors and is aimed at returning centrality to markets and operators. This national network includes 20 of the most important Italian agrifood hubs, with the goal of increasing the impact of individual companies through a unitary representation of all markets belonging to one network, with a unified framework for quality and regulatory processes. As a key participant of Italmercati, CAAB and CAAB Advisory are some of the most important partners of the Italmercati network and has access to the entire network of national and international agrifood markets and business partners. Learn more here.

CAAB, AgriFood Center of Bologna, è uno dei principali attori di Italmercati, insieme a  Emilia Romagna Mercati RETE DI IMPRESE – Regional Network.

In collaboration with the Department of Electrical, Electronic and Information Engineering School of Engineering of the University of Bologna (UNIBO), CAAB works closely with UNIBO to study the feasibility of constructing a metropolitan laboratory for a local energy community within CAAB, in order to optimize the management of energy communities. The development of these energy communities increases energy flow within the community, and also aids the use of energy storage, flexibility and transition to electromobility. Learn more here.

FieldRobotics is a science-based technology company established in 2022 in Bologna. The systems have been developed with the automation engineering and control systems research group of the University of Bologna.
FieldRobotics has two main areas of application:

  • SEARCH & RESCUE in the high mountains and open sea


CAAB as a strategical advisor offered to FieldRobotics a consulting service package in order to:

  • Analyse the AgriBusiness potential markets to open the suitable markets for FieldRobotics
  • Establishing an effective Business Plan to be presnted to the potential investors
  • Be involved in different National and International exhibitions participated by CAAB (such as EXPO Dubai 2020, MacFrut, FruitLogistica,…) to give more visibility as well as leveraging the possibility of having more networks.


Through the accomplished activities notable and successful results have been achieved in the recent years.

Bologna Business School (formerly known as Alma Graduate School) is the business school of the University of Bologna. CAAB Advisory in close collaboration with Bologna Business School, and it provides its advisory services to entrepreneurs and start-ups participating in Start-Up Ecosystem Day, an event organized by Bologna Business School. The event aims to foster interactions between the best national and international start-ups with students, faculty and the BBS Community, in order to accelerate and grow their business projects. Learn more here.

Agency of Energy and Sustainable Development (AESS) is a legally recognized, non-profit association for the sustainable energy development of the territory. As of 2019, and in partnership with CAAB, AESS is the coordinator of the EU Commission funded Green Energy COmmunity (GECO) project, which is an Energy Community in the Pilastro-Roveri district of Bologna, which aims to manage and optimize the production and consumption of electricity at the community level. The GECO Energy Community will be able to generate social impacts and benefits through reduced prices of energy; increase employment opportunities; implement use of smart technologies for monitoring consumption; and optimization of energy exchange within the grid. Learn more here.