About us


"Innovation is the driving force behind our actions; we believe in the future development of our territory and in safeguarding the environmental and social ecosystem in which we live. Caab Advisory borns as an accelerator of projects to realise the future."


Through the many years of experience of CAAB Agri – Food Center of Bologna, we provide assistance with a pragmatic, multidisciplinary approach and an international outlook to start-ups and SMEs that want to develop their project. Our team of experienced professionals supports all phases of development, design and accompaniment to market.

Green Strategy and Sustainability Consultancy

Caab Advisory was born from the long-term experience of CAAB Centro Agroalimentare di Bologna. Founded in 1990, Agri-Food Center was created to gather and give continuity to Bologna's commercial tradition, which had been developing since the Middle Ages thanks to Bologna's strategic position at the centre of the main Italian and European communication routes.

In 1999, for logistical reasons linked to the need to expand from its historical headquarters in Via Aristotile Fioravanti, the centre moved to its current location in Via Paolo Canali, also in Bologna
Today, CAAB represents a true laboratory of sustainability, with over 50,000 square metres dedicated to energy-saving facilities.

Caab Spa was established as a link in the chain between production and distribution and operates with a strong vocation for innovation in the agri-food sector. Over the years, it has acquired specific experience in the management of wholesale markets and, above all, in their integration with production and distribution systems. 

This led to the establishment of the new company unit: Caab Advisory, based in the Agri-Food Center of Bologna. 

For CAAB Advisory, consultancy services have as their starting point the day-to-day business of the market and related experimental studies on renewable energy, circular economy, and internal logistics and distribution systems.

The team consists of professionals with proven experience in the entire food supply chain and addresses small and medium-sized enterprises from all over the world, in order to build new forms of cooperation and national and international growth. Not only established buyers in trade and production but also new entrants targeting emerging technologies in precision agriculture in new agricultural organisations.