CAAB Advisory is an accelerator for ideas and projects related to the sustainable development of the agri-food sector. With a longstanding history of being best-in-class in the agri-foods sector – through its management of the Agri-Food Center of Bologna – and leveraging its local, national and international networks, CAAB Advisory provides consulting expertise to help those looking to collaborate in precision agriculture and smart farming technologies, energy efficiency and energy saving operations, circular economy practices and the creation, design or implementation of sustainable agri-food wholesale markets.

Energy Saving & Efficiency

With the largest photovoltaic rooftop in Italy, and one of the largest in Europe, CAAB and CAAB Advisory are leading producers of renewable energy, in the form of solar energy. CAAB has an annual production of 11 MW/year, with plans to increase to 20 MW/year in the future.

Circular Economy

The circular economy is a closed-loop system in which resources are retained in the loop, enabling them to become sustainable, as waste is repurposed to create new value. Circular economy in agri-food sectors involves agricultural waste being turned into bio-products such as fertilizers, energy and other re-useable materials. CAAB operates one of the most modern food waste management systems in the agri-foods sector and has even greater plans for expansion.

Agriculture 4.0

With the use of IoT, AI, Big Data, Robotics and other digital tools, CAAB Advisory works in partnership with other companies and start-ups to implement the latest innovations to improve precision in agriculture, efficiency to reduce energy and waste, improve traceability in the supply chain and use data to make better predictions and “smarter” decisions.

Sustainable Agri-Food Centers

With more than 30 years of experience in agri-foods, CAAB Advisory is able to provide strategic consulting, guidance and expertise in the design, creation and implementation of agri-food centers and hubs worldwide. With its strategic position in Italy and Europe, and with a vast number of local, national and international partners, CAAB Advisory is your one-stop-shop for everything related to logistics, distribution, wholesale markets and sustainable agri-food centers.