About Us

Founded in 1990, CAAB Spa’s – the Agri-Food Center of Bologna – strategic position provides fruit and vegetable wholesale logistics and distribution through a route that is well-connected through Europe and several other surrounding nations. Its location enabled a unique link between the production and distribution for Made-in-Italy agri-food products. Now, with over 50,000 sqm of space, the largest photovoltaic rooftop in Italy, and an 11 MW capacity (future capacity of 20 MW), CAAB Spa has become an expert in renewable energy production and energy saving operations.

CAAB Advisory was born through this longstanding history of being best-in-class for agrifoods, through both its management of the Agri-Food Center of Bologna (boasting one of the largest fruits and vegetable markets in Italy and Europe), as well as its self-sustaining, renewable energy production. Now its team of diverse professionals, with combined experience in agri-business, operations management and management of wholesale markets, green energy production and sustainability, and strategic business consultancy, is able to provide a pragmatic and multi-disciplinary approach to start-ups, SMEs and international and multinational entities looking to develop their innovations and projects in the agri-food sector. These collaborations span internationally in Africa, Asia, Middle East and Europe and relate to Agriculture 4.0, Energy Efficiency and Energy Savings, internal logistics and logistical plans for Sustainable Agri-Food Centers and Circular Economy practices in agriculture.